søndag 1. august 2010

Gig i Danmark

The Denmark Gig


At the moment I am sitting on the bus way home from a visit in Copenhagen, wich was awsome!
Togheter with Turid Gaarden and her guitar buddy, Casper we played with @ Cafe Zusammen last night. There was a small intimate concert with about 40 people in the bar.
Cafe Zusammen is btw, a none profit bar wich are leaded by The Red Cross. And they serve none artifictial drinks and food there. Wich i really enjoyed!

The first night I started of with a tired face after all the traveling from Norway. The driving was about 6 hour including the walking from the airport and metro station. The plane lukly dident take more then a hour:) I bought the taxfree grosies and was ready for a weekend:)

The first meeting with Turid was very nice. Saying that we only talked with each other on the internett before. (myspace rules:) She then showed me where I was staying. (Dan's Hostel) wich was a cool place for travelers and other people. Meet alot of cool people there aswell, I got their mail from and so on...
After we where settled, we wanted a beer at a jazzy place. So we meet Casper and his GF, Ann Berit wich I really enjoyed talking too. And Nicolai, who treated me with "Gammeldansk" :P hehe
Not my favoritte drink, since it reminds me of Jegermaister:P (old story)
We sat and talked and had a great time to around 01.00 am.
The next day, i woke up with alittle hangover, and desided myself for checking out the city on my own. I took alot of pictures from the town, wich are coming up soon, here. And Facebook. I was trying to find some venues to play at, but only found two or three who was my Cup of tea. But I hope for some feedback from the places I mailed.

Later on the day, we organiezed ourself to meet at the Cafe around six o clock.
There we got the chance to practise on a song we had agreed on playing togheter. Candy by Paulo Nuttini. A song my little sister suggested, that we should play.
Casper and me joined each other on out acts. Without knowing each other more then 22 hours:) It luckly went beoynd expectections:)
I managed to get rid of all my cd's aswell. So now 30 people in Denmark got a button and a cd from Depui:) wee:) And I got a new sticker on my guitar! The Danish flag:)

The concert went well, and the manager of the house enjoyed it, and asked me to come back:)

Conclusion: Super!

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