onsdag 9. september 2009

Depui proudly presents the new lineup and news!

Bent Ivar Depui Tversland - Vocal and guitar

Bård Aarvik - Guitar

Ole Martin Thorset - Drums

Torbjørn Tveit - Bass


It has finnaly came to this :) I have been looking for the best musicans I could find, and I think I have now.
Depui produly present the new crew and sound :

On guitar
Bård Aarvik from Bergen. Who was one of the main reasons I moved to Oslo for. Coz of his great guitar ear, skillz and great playing.

On drums
Our first new member in Oslo was Ole Martin Thorset on battery. He has choosen Depui beacause he know how bad I want to move forward and what I can do.
Well, he is the perfect candidat for Depui right now. With his great skillz, preforamance and he go an brilliant attitude:)

On Bass
The last member is a mystery for me:P Since I havent meet him yet, I just heard from Ole Martin that he is the perfect bass player from Kristiansand. His name is Torbjørn Tveit and he just changed school from Kristiansand conservatorie to NISS in Oslo. Check him out when you got the time:) I am looking forward

Me, Ole and Bård where cheecking out the studio. They had won five grammys, a dusin a gold records and alot of great stuff. The studio looked great, and the producer seemed like a very kind guy. Jonas.
We have now booked ourself in the studio four days in Desember.

I know that we are doing "Start Healing" and mabye some new songs. Or mabye record I'm Fake once more.

Stay tuned for more action!

Bent Ivar from Depui

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